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Interview: “More and more practitioners are choosing renting solutions”


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As head of the Healthcare market at BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions—the Group's subsidiary specialising in renting and leasing solutions—Ariane Govignon supports the growth of partnered dealers, manufacturers and providers of healthcare equipment and services. (Photograph: BNP Paribas)

Tue. 30. October 2018


For clinics, hospitals and private doctors who are looking to invest in new equipment or services, renting and leasing are becoming increasingly more viable alternatives to purchasing. BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions subsidiary supports these end consumers, as well as healthcare equipment dealers, manufacturers and providers in their growth through renting and leasing solutions. Dental Tribune International spoke to Ariane Govignon, head of the Healthcare market, about BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions’ mission, what it means to health professionals, and its recent collaboration with the ADDE.

BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions actively supports “Healthcare and new technologies: financing one’s equipment with the usage economy”. What does this mean exactly?
The shift towards the sharing and circular economies is a response to a number of economic trends that have come together to make temporary use of an asset superior to owning it. There are three main factors that explain why sharing is growing and how it can boost growth. The first is a continual need among businesses to improve efficiency within an increasingly competitive global economy. For owners of assets, this means getting more from every capital acquisition. The second is an increased focus on sustainability and reducing waste as we can see it each day in our private life. Thirdly, there is the technological revolution that has made hiring or “subscribing” to equipment via cloud based applications quicker, faster and simpler.

The leasing and renting solutions we are providing to our partners to finance healthcare equipment are tailor-made for this sharing and circular economy.

Is leasing medical equipment a growing trend?
Technology advances quickly in the medical world. We see products that stay at the cutting edge for just 18 to 24 months before an improved model is rolled out. Additionally, new developments such as artificial intelligence systems help relieve staff of routine tasks, virtual and augmented reality help with surgery training, and 3-D printers are becoming increasingly important for prosthetics. For instance, there are now wearable devices that can monitor chronic conditions remotely and keep track of the patient’s general health state, providing a heads-up on ailments.

As health technology advances at its fast pace while the budget of healthcare professionals remains under pressure, renting or leasing is a good solution. Therefore, it is safe to say that we will see a growing trend in leasing and renting medical equipment in the coming years.

The dental industry is also getting more and more digital with implants, equipment and prosthetics. In addition, the aging population in the European countries will require increased dental care. As such, we expect significant growth in the demand for dental equipment.

What are some advantages of leasing for your end consumers?
The group’s end customers are clinics, hospitals and private doctors who are interested in new equipment and services and also want to maximise their buying power. For those, leasing has a lot of advantages. The possibility to spread costs, and budget more effectively with predictable, manageable costs is definitely a crucial one. That way, resources can be spent on improvements in other critical areas. Secondly, we offer flexibility thanks to a variety of finance options: assets can either be purchased over time or simply rented for a desired period.

The different leasing solutions allow healthcare professionals to avoid technology obsolescence and stay on the forefront of the technology in their field. Rather than being stuck with obsolete, outdated equipment, healthcare providers can easily upgrade their assets at the end of their leasing contract. The maintenance costs and other value-added services can be included in a repayment plan.

Although traditionally the dental market has been leasing oriented, more and more practitioners are now choosing renting solutions to address the aspects of a circular economy. In addition, this system is tax efficient, as rental payments count as a business expense.

BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions is now sponsoring the ADDE. How did the sponsorship come about?
As we decided to invest in the development of the dental market, we recognised ADDE as a valuable link to the primary players: dental dealers. Thanks to our sponsorship, we can obtain a full and updated visibility on the market trends and take advantage of a fantastic communication channel for BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions to put forward our commercial financing offerings.

How do you work together with dental dealers?
We define our value proposition in synergy with our Partners, taking into account their own needs as well as their clients’ needs. This way we can organise a tailor-made value proposition, based on preset conditions that can be easily used by our partners and directly offered to their clients. We also understand the importance of timing when it comes to our selling activities. That is why we provide our partners with instantaneous credit assessment of their clients and direct accessibility to our financing documents. All these digital tools are available online and through smartphones.

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