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EU reflects on data protection laws one year after their adoption


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The new data protection regulation in the EU is studied and reviewed. (Image: Vector Plus Image/Shutterstock)
The European Commission

By The European Commission

Fri. 21. June 2019


BRUSSELS, Belgium: On 25 May, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) reached the first anniversary of its effective date for enforcement. The GDPR is a single set of rules regarding the protection of personal data and is directly applicable in the EU member states.

The objective of the regulations is to reinforce trust by putting individuals back in control of their personal data while also guaranteeing the free flow of personal data between EU member states. The protection of personal data is a fundamental right in the European Union.

Since the adoption of the new data regulations, nearly all member states have adapted their national laws to comply with the GDPR. The European Data Protection Board has made it more straightforward for member states’ data protection authorities to enforce the new rules through better coordination and new cooperation mechanisms.

On the first anniversary of the GDPR’s adoption, the European Commission took a closer look at awareness, compliance and enforcement of the GDPR rules, and released the following documents:

  • GDPR in Numbers, which contains information such as the level of awareness of the rules, the number of data breach notifications and the fines issued under the GDPR by data protection authorities; and
  • the first results of Special Eurobarometer 487a: The General Data Protection Regulation and Special Eurobarometer 487b: Awareness of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, which collected the views of over 27,000 people across the EU.

The full Eurobarometer results were released at the anniversary event on 13 June, which had the theme “One year of GDPR application: taking stock in the EU and beyond”. The event featured an array of speakers who covered these main topics: the effectiveness of enforcement, data protection as a business opportunity and how individuals use their new rights. The Commission also launched an awareness-raising campaign which encourages citizens to read privacy statements and to optimise their privacy settings so that they share only the data they are willing to share.

The European Commission will report on the application of the new rules in 2020.

This topic was selected because of the relevance of the GDPR for the Association of Dental Dealers in Europe and its members and also because of its general relevance in the EU.

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