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Dear ADDE members, dear colleagues, dear dental world,

Dr Pavel Smazik is vice president of ADDE and has taken over the chairmanship of the association until the next election. (Image: Pavel Smazik)


Mon. 19. September 2022


With this newsletter, we are coming back to you after a hopefully “normal” and satisfying summer holiday. On top of the COVID-19 pandemic—which has affected all of us enormously—we now find ourselves in a socio-economic crisis caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The crisis will certainly affect all of us in the coming months, but hopefully its impact will not be drawn out over a period of years.

Energy costs are fluctuating enormously, there is a shortage of some products, there are price increases, and a general sense of uncertainty surrounds us.

According to the information that ADDE has received from various countries, the dental industry has yet to feel the full impact of the economic crisis. However, over the coming months, it will be important to keep a finger on the pulse, and you can rely on ADDE to keep you informed about the impact of the crisis on the dental sector.

We have several interesting new items for you in this newsletter, including an interview with our youngest board member, Martin Ravets. In the interview, readers can find out about the revamped dental Expo Dentalia Together, which will take place in Brussels from 29 September to 1 October. Furthermore, readers will find a very interesting article about the new VBER legislation from the European Commission, which affects the laws surrounding distribution and contracts and is, therefore, highly relevant to all dental dealers in Europe. Our partner law firm contrast will organise a call about the VBER in the coming weeks for our members.

And, finally, our new survey on the dental industry in Europe is now available to be purchased through our website in both hard copy and PDF format. Read the announcement for more information on the survey report, and order your copy today.

In every forward-thinking organisation there are steps to be taken and changes to be made in order to maintain good energy and keep things moving in the right direction. As chairman, Ed Attenborough has led our organisation during the complex times that have unfolded over the past three years. Now, for professional reasons, he has had to step back from his position as president of ADDE. He will, however, remain with ADDE as one of our board members. I, as vice president, have taken over the chairmanship, and until the next election, I will be responsible for ADDE.

Together with my board members and the secretary general, Dominique Deschietere, I am currently preparing a new outlook for the ADDE operation themes, which will reflect recent developments and changes in the world of the distribution of dental products and services, and I am looking forward to sharing these with you in the coming months.

Until then, I wish you happy reading and success in everything you undertake.

With best regards,

Dr Pavel Smazik
President of ADDE

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